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Bella Toscana Motorcycle Tour

11 June
17 June 2018

Visit one the most beautiful region of Italy and probably of the whole world

Hundreds of kilometers cruising in postcards landscapes, riding in narrow and solitary roads winding in the middle of olive trees plantation and endless vineyards.
Tasting traditional kitchen and the best wines directly from the producers, far away from the crowded patterns, you’ll discover the most hidden treasures of this incredible region.
Centuries of history left hundreds of monuments and villages to visit and enjoy.
The real “Dolce Vita” is waiting for you.


Paesaggio toscana cipressi strada tornanti
tenere toscana

11 June – ARRIVAL
Pisa or Roma Airport 0.0 mi / 0.0 km 
Today your “Bella Toscana” journey begins! 
We’ll pick you up directly at the airport with our shuttle and since then you won’t be a client anymore, you’ll be our guest.
In one hour and a half we’ll arrive at the farmhouse that will be our headquarter for the next week: every day a completely different itinerary but every night back at the same place. This solution is made to let you enjoy the best yours staying with us: no stress about packing and unpacking your luggage. Using the perfect position of our headquarter in Follonica (Gr), just by the sea, in the middle of a natural sea-park, we’ll visit the whole Tuscany.
 After checking in, you will meet your Tours guides and fellow riders that will be sharing the road with you over the next week.
The key of “your” bike will be given to you and you’ll have the occasion to set it the way you prefer.
A great typical Italian dinner and a good night’s sleep will get you ready for the first day’s ride tomorrow! 
12 June – TUSCIA
Follonica – Scansano – Saturnia – Pitigliano – Sovana – Monte Amiata
Distance: 291km / 180miles
We’ll cross the area where the gorgeous Morellino di Scansano is produced and we won’t lose the occasion to taste it directly from a local producer;  we’ll then start climbing the Amiata mountain, the highest in the region and through a narrow panoramic road we’ll arrive in Saturnia where we’ll take a great relaxing Thermal bath in a natural hot water fall. After lunch we’ll visit the Etruscan villages of Pitigliano and Sovana and their necropolis, we’ll end the day joining the summit of Amiata to take some fresh air and enjoy the shadow of its forests.
13 June – VAL D’ORCIA
Follonica – Montalcino – Abbazia di Sant’Antimo – Bagno Vignoni - Pienza – Siena
Distance: 294 km / 185 miles 
This second day riding we’ll head a little bit northern going in the direction of one of the most famous village of Tuscany: Montalcino. This name says it all! This area of Tuscany is called Val D’Orcia and is exactly what you have seen in postcards or movies about Tuscany. Here we’ll visit the ancient  village and of course won’t lose the occasion to taste the king of italian red wine: il Brunello!
This will be the occasion to buy some bottles to take back home and share with friends once back for a great dinner! 
We’ll then visit the abbey of Sant’Antimo built in 781 d.c. and after this we’ll discover the pearl of Val D’Orcia: Pienza, an ancient village which kept over the year all its atmosphere as it always was.
On the way back we’ll stop in Siena, the only town we’ll visit during our tour, where you’ll have the occasion to step into the stunning Piazza del Campo, where the Palio takes place.
14 June – CHIANTI
Follonica – Terme del Petriolo – Abbazia di Monte Oliveto – Castellina, Radda e Gaiole in Chianti
Distance: 315 km / 195 miles
Keeping on heading northern we’ll go in the direction of the Area named Chianti, which is another famous spot for its production of wines. This area, stands in the south east of Firenze and is known for its wines and its narrow roads. Heading Chianti we’ll have the occasion to take another thermal bath at Petriolo in natural small hot-water pools. On the way we’ll visit the abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore and enjoying cruising on the “crete senesi”: depending on the period of the year this landscape can be extremely green, like a grass sea, or either dry and brown like a desert.
We’ll taste the Chianti, and visit some local producer.
Follonica – Massa Marittima – San Galgano – San Gimignano – Volterra – Bolgheri
Distance: 291km / 180 miles
This day we’ll visit the area around our headquarter which includes ones of the most beautiful ancient villages of Tuscany. 
We’ll visit Massa Marittima, few kilometers away from our base, and had the occasion to have a wonderful espresso sitting in one of the most famous medieval square of Italy which was used as location in many commercial advertising spot: this square was designed centuries ago from a famous Architect with the intention of joining the perfection.
We’ll then leave Massa Marittima heading the inside of the region through a road that will wake up the part of “Valentino Rossi” that lives inside you!
We’ll arrive in San Galgano: an ancient cathedral which once upon a time lost its roof and was never built again. Is one of the most mystic place you’ve ever been before.
Here stands the sword in the stone, and its legend: you’ll have your occasion to try to take it out and demonstrate if you are the predestined prince!
We’ll then head Volterra and San Gimignano: the village famous for its towers. Today still 16 of the ancient 72 keep on drawing a magic skyline which made this place famous worldwide.
After this we’ll visit Bolgheri, which is another great area for the production of fine wines: here a bottle of Sassicaia or Ornellaia can reach up to 1.000$ so be careful, this time might overtake the limit of your credit card!
16 June – THE BIG BLUE
Follonica – Piombino – Isola d’Elba
Distance: 270km / 170 miles 
This will be our last day of tour, so after visiting so many cultural places and have seen so many historical villages or monuments is time to make it easier and just enjoy the beautiful or riding our bikes in full sea-view tour around the Isola D’Elba.
We’ll take a ferry that in 45minutes will take us at Isola D’Elba.
This small island is the third in terms of dimension of the whole Mediterranean sea.
We’ll enjoy the wonderful views that the roads of this island offer and may be, depending on temperature and weather at the time of your tour, having a swim in the big blue of the Mediterranean sea.
We won’t of course loose the occasion to have a wonderful seafood lunch in one of the typical small restaurants of the island sitting with our feet straight into the white sands of the island’s beaches.
Pisa or Rome Airport 0.0km / 0.0mi
After a week and almost 1.500km / 950 mi rode together is unfortunately time to leave.
We’ll take you back at the airport with our shuttle.
I hope you had a great time with us and we’re sure you’ll leave Toscana with great memories, many stories to tell, beautiful minds-postcards and…. Some good wine of course!

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