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Bivacco deserto Tunisia


19 November
28 November 2014

This is a Raid reserved for the Club Tènèrè Italia members with TèNèRè and Super Tènèrè motorcycles, of any year and model

Scuola guida deserto Tunisia Club Tènèrè Yamaha

This is a tourist raid and not a race, thanks to which you can combine fun with the improvement of your riding techniques, useful to safely ride on our tracks and on sandy dunes…

Viaggio moto Tunisia moto da dietro


Wednesday 19th November

Meet at the port of Genoa at 3pm. 
At 6pm GNV departure (it will take about 24 hours) 
Accommodation in double rooms
Dinner on the boat
Thursday 20th November
Arrival in Tunis. Customs.
Transfer to Hammamet
Hotel accommodation with half board 
Friday 21st November
From Hammamet to Tozeur
Packed lunch
Hotel accommodation with half board 
Theoretical riding lesson
Saturday 22nd November

Tozeur-La Riguette (the set were “Star Wars” was shot)
Practical riding lesson. Packed lunch. 
Overnight stay and dinner in a tent. 
Sunday 23rd November
We will go on a track
Packed lunch
Arrival in Douz
Hotel accommodation with half board

Monday 24th November
We will go on a track - Caffè Du Desert
Packed lunch
Overnight stay and dinner in a tent. 

Tuesday 25th November
We will go to Ksar Ghilane track
Packed lunch
Overnight stay and dinner in a tented camp in Smila.
Wednesday 26th November
Transfer from Smila to Hammamet.
Packed lunch
Track & paved roads
Hotel accommodation with half board 

Thursday 27th November
Transfer to Tunis
GNV departure at 10pm (it will take about 24 hours)
Accommodation in double cabins, dinner on board. 
Friday 28th November
Arrival in Genoa.

Viaggio moto Tunisia bivacco tende

N°2 Motorcycles for support and assistance
N°1 Doctor
N°1 Technician (mechanic)
N° 1 Local guide
N° 1 Unimog con attrezzature da campo
N° 1 Support Pick up
N° 1 Luggage storage truck.
Motorcycles must be registered before departure; it’s necessary to pay much attention on the conditions of: transmission (belt, rear and front sprocket), clutch, cooling system, tyres and inner tubes). The technician intervenes for emergency repairs and not in the event of repairs not previously done. Spare parts for several types of motorcycle will be available (even if it is obvious that we cannot have spare parts for all types of motorcycle); if necessary, spare parts can be bought on the spot.
Technical attire for off-road riding is compulsory. 
Luggage have to be given to the staff members in the morning in order to be collected and given back you in the evening  since they are transported separately. 
During some parts of the route, it will be possible to carry only a small piece of luggage.
For this reason, please remember to have a small backpack to keep with you for everyday needs.
The organisation supplies with what it is necessary to set up camping tents and tents for two people.  You must bring with you your own sleeping bag.   
You can book and pay for a deposit before 15th July, at the price of € 1.700 euros (for each pilot)
After 15th July, the price is € 1.800 euros per pilot
The booking deadline is 15th September
Minimum number of participants: 20
Not included
Petrol – drinks and extra at the hotel – spare parts – everything which has not been mentioned - 


Our Bikes


Before 15 July: € 1.700,00
After 15 July: € 1.800,00

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