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NordKapp Deluxe

04 August
14 August 2022

An exclusive trip, from Oslo to Nordkapp in 9 exciting stages among landscapes, fjords, glaciers and breathtaking roads.


The peculiarity of this trip is the timing. It will be an exclusive journey for a selected few. There
will be 9 stages from Oslo to Nordkapp and then a grand finale in Tromso, where we will return to
Italy by air.
In this way we’ll visit the most beautiful and exciting side of the trip to Nordkapp, Norway!
The journey includes the transportation of the motorcycles from Italy to Oslo and then from Tromso
to Italy. We will be using our Yamaha Tenere 700s, road tires, no luggages with an accompanying
van, so we will be riding in total freedom.
Isn't that what you've always wanted? You do all the driving, we'll do the rest!


Thursday, 4 th of August :
Flight from Italy - Oslo
Arrival at the Oslo airport, hotel and meeting with participants and staff. Dinner, briefing.
Friday, 5 th of August:

Early morning departure and first stop in the Norwegian territory, from Oslo to Bergen, where we'll
begin to understand the beauty of the roads to be faced during the Raid in Norway. Landscapes,
tortuous roads, perfect asphalt. We'll arrive in Bergen in the early afternoon. Bergen is a spectacular
town, overlooking the sea. The city of Bergen is surrounded for the most part by fjords: the Sørfjord
and the Byfjord at northern end; the Raunefjord and the Grimstadfjord at the western end. The
Bergen seaside walk is beautiful and Bryggen, the neighborhood with its wooden houses, is a
UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Overnight and dinner at the hotel.
Saturday, 6 th of August:

As we leave Bergen, we'll immediately embark on roads which are difficult to explain in terms of
emotions and landscapes, we'll ride along the Sognefjord - Norway's longest and deepest fjord,
which stretches for 204 kilometers from the coast to the North of Bergen towards the interior, and
then we'll begin to climb up the mountains with a unique and fascinating road/toboggan with ups
and downs and curves. We'll pass by the Jostedalsbreen glacier, which with its 487 km² is the
largest glacier both in Norway and in the whole of continental Europe and is what remains of the
enormous glacier that covered the whole of Scandinavia about 10,000 years ago. Stopover for
dinner and overnight stay in the small mountain town of Lom at about 1200 meters above sea level.
Sunday 7 th of August

An exciting route starting from Lom towards Geirangerfjord.
The fjord is one of the most visited naturalistic sites in Norway and since 2005 it has been included,
together with Nærøyfjord, in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
After crossing the famous Trolls road, we will drive through fjords, bridges and small boats passing
from one fjord to another, towards the North, along the famous and spectacular Atlantic Road, up to
Trondheim, a young and dynamic city. The center of Trondheim is full of old and characteristic
stores, but the "shopping streets" of the city are the Nordre gate (North Road) and the Olav
Tryggvasons gate (Olaf I Street of Norway) in which there are very modern and fashionable stores.
Monday, 8 th of August

We’ll carry on with our journey towards Nordkapp, facing more and more northern and spectacular
landscapes, skirting fjords and bays of infinite beauty, arriving in the small but lovely town of
Nesna in the county of Nordland. The village overlooks an enchanting bay, weather permitting we
will be able to enjoy a spectacular sunset, notwithstanding the fact that at these latitudes the sunset
occurs very late in the evening and the lightless period is about 2/3 hours. Overnight stay in nice
Hytter with all comforts.
Tuesday 9 th of August

We'll leave Nesna and head North towards the Lofoten Islands, where we'll have a one-day layover.
Even today the roads will offer beautiful glimpses. We’ll arrive in Skutvik, where we’ll embark for
Svolvaer, in approximately 2 hours of sailing.
Svolvær is situated in the Lofoten Islands on the south coast of Austvågøy; it therefore faces the
Norwegian Sea to the south and is surmounted on its northern side by mountains.
The main economic activity of the city is based on cod fishing in winter and salmon farming.
Overnight stay and dinner in Hotel
Wednesday 10 th of August

A free day entirely dedicated to the visit of the incredible and spectacular Lofoten Islands: the
construction of the road called E10, and a series of tunnels and road bridges, has allowed us to
directly connect all the main islands of the archipelago, making them more accessible to vehicles.
Lofoten are located about 200 km from the Arctic Circle. Despite this, the climate is characterized
by rather mild temperatures mainly due to the Gulf’s stream. The lowest temperature recorded in
2009 was -13.1 °C, on February 7, while the highest was 26.6 °C on August 3.
Due to its latitude, Lofoten is affected by the midnight sun phenomenon in summer, and is
considered an excellent observation point for the northern lights in winter.
Those who wish to relax without using a motorcycle can do alternative activities and relaxation.
Thursday 11 th of August

Early morning departure towards Alta. Today's marathon stage after a well-deserved rest... We'll
make a long transfer from Svolvaer to Alta, without overlooking breathtaking views and roads.
Along the way it won't be difficult to meet reindeer herds, which will become more and more
frequent as we continue northward.
Alta is located at the northern end of Norway far beyond the Arctic Circle.
The municipality includes the mainland around the fjord of Alta, part of the island of Stjernøy and
Seiland, on which are located the only deposits of nepheline in Western Europe.
Friday 12 th of August

A stage of about 250 km to get to Honnisvag and then proceed through the underwater tunnel of 14
km that will take us directly to Nordkapp and at the end of our climb towards the northernmost
point of Europe, destination of thousands of motorcyclists every year and an incredibly charming
Along the way keep an eye out for the reindeers, we'll meet hundreds of them.
Afternoon and evening (it’s bright until about 22/23) will be dedicated to the sightseeing of
Nordkapp and the town of Honnisvag in absolute freedom.
Saturday 13 th of August

We'll leave Nordkapp and we’ll head south for the first time since the beginning of the trip... we'll
arrive in Tromso where we'll find the Tom42 truck waiting for us, ready to load all the bikes and go
back to Italy. After a nice dinner to celebrate our goodbyes and the delivery of the certificates of
participation, we will spend the night at the hotel.
Sunday 14 th of August
Return flight to Italy.


The ALL INCLUSIVE fee includes:
- Board and lodging
- Return flight
- Use of Tènèrè 700 Tom42 for the duration of the trip
- Ferries
- Technical assistance and luggage transport
- Insurance
- Specialized motorcycle guides
The fee does NOT include
- lunch and dinner at Lofoten islands during the free day.
- fuel
- everything not mentioned in "the fee includes".
Max participants: 15 motorcycles.

Subscription deadline Wednesday 30 June 2022
Available bikes Tom42 - 10 Yamaha Tènèrè 700
This Experience does not require any particular driving skills but a certain attitude to carry out
many miles, sometimes even with bad weather.
The teamwork spirit and the respect of the daily schedules will be fundamental.
In addition to the technical clothing for road tourism, we also recommend a good quality rain suit
and gloves, waterproof boots.
Temperatures will be pleasant but passing the Arctic Circle, some days could be cold.
Participants without adequate clothing will not be accepted.

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