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Moto su deserto con baobab

Press Test Supertènèrè Morocco

Partiamo dall'Italia direzione Marocco per un tour che prende le mosse da Ourzazate per spingersi a sud verso il deserto del Sahara.

Moto su deserto roccioso

We leave from Italy towards Morocco for a journey starting from Ourzazate and going southwards to reach the Sahara desert.
We can travel among the dirt tracks of the desert as well as in the midst of the complex bureaucratic and popular realities of these lands. We quickly go from the fragmentary and harshly-polished tarmac to the long heaps of stones, soft sand and dunes. Two days marked by the sand. An adventurous journey southwards cutting western Morocco into two pieces.
A preliminary exploration and then the departure from Ouarzazate to reach M’hamid, near the Algerian border, a place characterized by gravel roads, dunes and moonscape-like landscape.  During the first day we ride the Super Ténéré on the paved roads connecting Ouarzazate with M’hamid, passing by the Atlas Mountains, the enchanting Draa Valley and the town centre of Zagora. We devour 240 kilometres with great pleasure, also thanks to the excellent Metzeler Karoo Ts which work well also on the Moroccan asphalt, even if they have knobby tyres. Kilometres roll very quickly…
We go through mountains and expanses; while riding, we meet caravans travelling on the same route and our colourful group of Yamaha motorcycles sparks interest in those who see us, even the lively schoolchildren passing by warmly say hello to us. The paved road becomes thinner and thinner until it is completely substituted by sand. A quick gathering follows, and after that we turn left: there is sand everywhere.


Our adventure continues on the Saharan tracks, where the local guide is waiting for us to start the off-road experience. Riding becomes challenging but sand and beams make it extremely pleasant. After some kilometres, we glimpse the nearest dunes and we remain breathless when we reach them. 
Sand is fine and challenging; in order to ride among the dunes we have to “squeeze” in low gears, get our weight back, and step on the gas to float on the sandy peaks.  After around 300 kilometres, we reach the centre of M’hamid. In the morning, after the briefing, we head for even more challenging dirt tracks.  The equipment work properly. Since we speed it up in sequence we can easly ride at up to 120/130 km/h in the desert. 


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