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Viaggio in moto Tour Andalusia moto panorama montagne

Raid Andalusia 2015

31 October
09 November 2015

Looking for Desierto De Tabernas... the only one in the Old World!

Tour Andalusia moto strada panoramica

30 kilometres from the city of Almeria, at an elevation of approximately 400 metres above the sea level, there is a protected and wide portion of land of about 2000 square kilometres, a barren and aride land, so similar to the Monument Valley in the US, called Desierto de Tabernas (Tabernas Desert); we will entirely explore it.
The peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the distance, canyons and hellish heat: it’s no coincidence that Sergio Leone, impressed by the morphology of the landscape, chose the harsh desert of Tabernas, the only desert in the Old Continent, to shoot some of his most famous spaghetti western films (e.g. “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, “A Fistful of Dollars”, “Once upon a time in the West”).
It’s impossible to forget the saloons and the fights in sequence, the church for the Sunday’s sermon, the Indian villages, the galloping horses and the dust they produce, when good men were chasing the villains. 

Many of those places are there and it’s still possible to visit them.
This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere typical of those full-length films, which were mass-produced between the Sixties and the Seventies, by visiting the old film sets where everything has remained the same, where nothing has changed and therefore where you are under the impression of being in the Far West. 
Not far, only a few kilometres away, we will reach the enchanting mountain chain Sierra Nevada, the highest Spanish cordillera, with peaks of more than 3000 metres of elevation.
This natural element is extremely important from an environmental point of view, with a morphology of glacial origin, with forests and different areas of natural vegetation. 
This park combines beauty and environmental importance; for this reason, in 1986 it was registered Unesco biosphere reserve. 
We will ride on rough and less rough roads and on amusing hairpin turns, while admiring the white villages perched on the hillside; while riding, we will take a deep breath to smell the typical aged ham, the Jamon Iberico, smaller but tastier and more genuine than ours, and derived from the pigs grazing in the woods. 
 We will visit wonderful Spanish cities, such as Barcelona, Valencia and Murcia, riding on mountain roads, in the desert land along panoramic coast roads. 
Since the route will be primarily on paved roads, riding with passengers will be easy.
The optional off-road part will be ridden on the soils of the Spanish bajas, from where many Spanish rally racers come. 

Viaggio in moto Tour Andalusia Velz Blanco


Saturday 31st October
Ferry departure at the Port of Genoa at 6pm. Meeting point at 3pm.
Sunday 1st November Km 350
Arrival in Barcelona and depart towards Valencia. 
Monday 2nd November Km 430
Valencia Almeria
Tuesday 3rd November Km 150
Almeria Rodalquilar
Tabernas Desert, a journey through the dirt tracks and the film sets of the spaghetti western films until we reach the coast. 
Wednesday 4th November Km 170
Rodalquilar Velez Blanco
Riding among the old gold mines, passing through the la Sierra Nevada; overnight stay in the mountains. 
Thursday 5th November
Velez Blanco Almeria
Day dedicated to off-road adventure or free day to relax 
Friday 6th November Km 300
Almeria Alicante
Saturday 7th November Km 520
Alicante Barcelona
Sunday 8th November
Free day to visit the city of Barcelona. 
Ferry departure at 11pm. 
Monday 9th November
Arrival in Genoa at approx. 4pm.

Viaggi in moto Tour Andalusia gruppo partecipanti

The price includes: Transfer to and from Spain by sea, accommodation, dinners, breakfasts in hotel (double room), lunches. Technical assistance. Intervention support, Europ Assistance policy.
The price does NOT include: 
Petrol, food and drink on board and everything not specified in the itinerary.
Departure is not allowed without valid identity documents. 
For those who do not want to travel by sea, it is possible to meet in Barcelona. The price for the transfer by ferry will be deducted from the final price. 

Participants will be covered by a travel insurance policy. It is also possible to add optional insurance policies (e.g. an extra insurance policy in the event that the trip is cancelled). 
Technical clothing to travel on the streets. Remember to bring a rainproof jumpsuit and a pouch. 
Everyday clothing: long and short trousers, T-shirts, fleece, track jacket, a pair of comfortable shoes, a pair of flip-flops or plastic sandals, swimwear and underwear. 

Motorcycles must comply with traffic laws and be in good working conditions (at our incontestable discretion, we reserve the right to prevent unfit motorcycles from taking part in the tour). 
The technical staff intervenes during the route but also at night for emergency repairs. 
Insurance is compulsory.
We remind you of carrying with you the spare key for your motorcycle and top box. 
Le moto devono essere immatricolate (non sono valide le targhe prova).
At night, motorcycles will be parked in a hotel’s “closed area”, that is in a secure car park. 

Luggage storage truck. Guides with motorcycles and technical staff members. 

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