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About Us

Based in the Gulf of poets of La Spezia, Tom42 is organizing travel in South Europe and Africa since 2003.
Born from an idea of the owners Toni Merendino, well known in the motorsport business thanks to his long career between the paddock of the Motomondiale and the Dunes of the Paris-Dakar and Gianluca Bonilauri the agency express this personal experience in a professional service capable to offer you unforgettable memories.
Travel is not about that?

The 80's World Championship with Team Gallina Suzuki.
Paris Dakar as an amateur.
Circuit Asphalt Sand.
Box and camps.
Stopwatch Road Book Compass Maps.

The 90's the Dakar Rally in Africa become a commitment with Team Lucky Explorer Cagiva.
World Championship Team HB Honda.

In the 2000s begin adventure trips for Bikers.
Technical Partner of Yamaha managing Club, organizing Travel, Press Test, Demo Ride, Communication Events.
GPS with a look to the maps.
Tarmac Dirt Sand Mud
Looking around, Looking inside
Landscape Emotions